Would you like to fly from the VIP Terminal instead of the airport?

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Considering that our passengers would like to travel fast, in comfort and away from the crowd and stress at overseas airports too, we decided to make you a new offer.

With the service you will receive through AirportEasy at the following airports, you are driven to the VIP Lounge from the aircraft in a private vehicle, and your baggage and passport transactions are completed by private assistants while you enjoy the complimentary snacks in the private passenger lounge allocated for you within the VIP Lounge.

To top that, we offer you a complimentary one-way “primeclass” CIP Service in Istanbul or Ankara Airport if you purchase the above service at any airports.

Participating Airports: Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Baku, London Heathrow, Prague, Stockholm, Zurich, Paris

As booking is required 72 hours in advance, please forward us your feedback at your earliest convenience taking into account the local time overseas.

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